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Online ADHD Testing & Treatment. Is it legit?

By Giovanni P. Pierre, PMHNP-BC

Many people who think they have ADHD don’t. However, there are numerous others with ADHD that remain undiagnosed and untreated. Unfortunately, the cost of failing to identify ADHD remains high, leading to countless behavioral and academic issues for patients in childhood, and failed relationships and career challenges in adulthood.

Accurately diagnosing ADHD requires the time and resources patients need while attempting to manage their condition and develop a relationship with a specialist. These are regrettably in short supply in today’s public healthcare system. The good news? Online ADHD treatment can be the solution that saves the day for patients everywhere.

How does online ADHD treatment work?

A key feature of ADHD is variability and inconsistency between individuals regarding their symptoms and performance. This unpredictability largely explains why some individuals with ADHD seem to function well or pass examinations without issue.

With an ADHD test online, specialists can analyze an individual’s condition. For example, poor focus may lead to impulsivity, leading to other problematic behaviors. Although the ADHD test online is not a pass-fail system, patients with specific scores may demonstrate that they can ignore competing stimuli, while others will show that they are more easily distracted.

An ADHD test online is a tool that helps specialists confirm or rule out ADHD, allowing them to formulate a care plan for individuals or look for other issues. Online testing additionally provides objective evidence to support an ADHD diagnosis and helps to reduce potential stigma, leaving patients more receptive to treatment.

What happens after an online ADHD test?

It is important to remember that an ADHD diagnosis isn’t a negative thing! On the contrary, a positive diagnosis often provides clarity and comfort to children and adults by answering long-held questions about behaviors, helping to unlock further support through ADHD psychiatry online or in in-person settings.

If a patient receives a positive diagnosis for ADHD, post-diagnostic support with Safe Haven Behavioral Health & Wellness can begin. However, every patient’s symptoms and condition are different, necessitating a unique approach to each case. While some patients respond well to medicinal administrations and symptom management, others perform better with psychiatric and behavioral coaching to manage their issues.

Why choose online ADHD care?

Diagnosing and treating ADHD requires time - time to observe and diagnose a patient’s condition and time to get to know patients and develop a crucial relationship between specialists and their patients. Intervention from online ADHD treatment enables patients to receive the care they need from the comfort of their homes.

In many instances, ADHD treatment online provides more vital benefits than traditional care. For example, patients can set electronic alarms or notifications that help them remember and quickly make appointments.

From home, patients alleviate issues related to managing their condition in an in-office setting. For example, they don’t need to sit in waiting rooms, attempting to keep their condition “in check” for fear of reaction from other patients, etc.

Furthermore, patients that receive ADHD treatment online gain increased access and valuable time with a specialist, helping them to develop critical relationships with the provider. Patients often feel more comfortable sharing deep and emotional feelings in a one-on-one setting from the comfort of their homes instead of releasing potentially embarrassing emotions in an office environment.

Do you think you may have ADHD or could benefit from ADHD psychiatry online? Making an appointment with Safe Haven Behavioral Health & Wellness is easy. Reach out to us today to learn more about ADHD treatment and how online care could benefit you.

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