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How to Help Your Child With ADHD Focus Better

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Everyone finds it challenging to concentrate for prolonged periods, but children may suffer, especially if given a task that doesn't immediately grab their interest.

When selecting how to assist youngsters in enhancing their capacity for concentration, it will be crucial to consider the child's personality and whether or not they are displaying any symptoms of ADHD or other learning challenges.

If you believe your child has ADHD or has already received a diagnosis, your approach to assisting them with concentration skills may change.

This article will cover some factors contributing to children with ADHD having difficulty focusing and five doable methods you may employ to help your child improve their ability to pay attention.

Why Is Your Child Distracted?

Inattention is one of the main symptoms of ADHD, commonly resulting in kids having problems focusing on tasks at home and school. They probably won't be able to concentrate for extended periods, will become easily distracted, and will find it difficult to do difficult or time-consuming tasks.

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5 Ways to Help Your Child with ADHD Focus

Fortunately, some strategies might help kids focus fully on their schoolwork without overwhelming or upsetting them. We discuss 5 useful tactics below.

Be Creative When Completing Schoolwork

Playing games or using physical activity in homework assignments can significantly improve concentration and make studying more fun for children who lose focus.

While older children may respond better to activities like crossword puzzles, younger children may find that focusing on visual cues like bright imagery could encourage more concentration.

As a parent or teacher, occasionally incorporate fresh learning components into your teachings. It will be simpler for the youngster to focus because each component can be seen as a new activity and is therefore approached differently.

Create A Space Just For Schoolwork

Maintaining your child's motivation to complete schoolwork might be difficult, even in the best situations. It can be made simpler by designating a specific space for homework that is ideally free from interruptions. To assist your child in sitting quietly, make sure there are no nearby loud noises or other distractions, such as large windows that can urge the child to peek out at what's happening outside rather than focus on the activity at hand.

Break Up The Study Hour Into Manageable Chunks

School days are shorter than workdays for adults because most children, especially neurotypical children, limit how long they can focus on one thing. In light of this, giving a young child lesser chores is usually more successful.

A straightforward exercise that takes a child no longer than 20 minutes to finish will likely be understood more quickly and have a higher chance of success. On the other hand, a difficult task could have the opposite effect.

After completing each lesson, the child will feel a sense of success that will motivate them to continue with the next.

Keep To A Routine Schedule

Routines are extremely beneficial for children with ADHD, and setting a regular study schedule may help your child become more focused. One way to help your child feel more in control of their education is to have them study for an hour each day simultaneously with predetermined breaks. As a result, they get more self-assurance, which enhances their ability to focus on the current tasks.

Use Rewards and Incentives

Rewarding good behavior, such as finishing homework or concentrating when the child typically has problems with concentration, is a great approach for a child's teacher or parent to encourage future good behavior. They will encourage the child to keep trying and recognize their positive behaviors while reassuring them that they are capable of finishing chores.


There are several things that parents can do to help their children improve their focus on homework. First, they can create a quiet, comfortable space for their child to work in. Second, they can ensure their child has all the necessary supplies before starting their homework. Third, they can help their child break their homework into smaller tasks. Finally, you can find an ADHD test diagnosis to help you know the approaches to help your child focus.

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