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At Safe Haven Health, we test, diagnose, and provide long-term care for mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety, depression, binge eating, and addiction treatment. We are a virtual clinic specializing in telemedicine and telepsychiatry. We can provide healthcare advice via teleconferencing and support our patients with physiatric evaluations, therapy, patient education, and medication management from the comfort of their safe space.


Currently, we do not assist conditions better suited for in-person visitations. These conditions include acute mania, schizophrenia, homicidal thoughts, and severe neurological disorders.


Why Use a Virtual Clinic?

Whatever the condition, it can be challenging to drive to a clinic, wait in an office, and hope someone can help you in your time of need. For some conditions, mobility is compromised, and paying for a caretaker to chauffeur you from place to place can be financially draining and emotionally stressful.


At Safe Haven, we remove travel complexities and bring the clinic wherever you feel safest with your condition. We started Safe Haven Health to destigmatize mental health conditions and help patients surpass their constraints while empowering them to view mental health services as a right, not a privilege. We believe no one should be hindered from seeking medical aid for their mental health, and we treat every patient as empathetic as possible.


We work to provide online mental health services for Maryland patients who are uncomfortable with the stigma of traditional mental health clinics. We accomplish this by delivering online video-based mental health services in Maryland.

How Can We Help You?

Safe Haven is not in favor of stigmatizing mental health. Regardless of your diagnosis, we believe every patient deserves the utmost patience, dedication, and care possible. We deliver online mental health services in Maryland and provide empathetic, non-judgmental medical professionals who prioritize your care and comfort at your pace.


At Safe Haven, we have several core values when it comes to your medical well-being:

  • Accessibility

    • We want to break down barriers, provide mental health online services to Maryland residents regardless of location, and provide testing to those most in need.

  • Inclusivity

    • Any group or community shouldn’t stigmatize mental health, and our clinic provides a safe, private space for anyone who needs help managing their condition.

  • Empowerment

    • No one should feel helpless with their condition, so we empower our patients by personalizing their care to their comfort level without unnecessary constraints.

  • Integrity

    • We pride ourselves on creating respectful and understanding environments where our patients can express themselves at their comfort level.


Your Care, Our Mission

Online mental health services in Maryland don’t need to be a fantasy. Safe Haven refills your medical prescriptions when you need them, even if you are not a regular patient. If you are curious about which insurance we accept, you can find the answer here and any other information relevant to your needs.


We understand that discussing your condition can be difficult. Still, at Safe Haven, we embrace everything that makes you unique and helps guide you through your condition with transparency, honesty, and integrity.


Have specific questions? Learn more about Safe Haven Health, and don’t hesitate to contact us.

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